About the Pemulwuy Project


Pemulwuy, was a Bidjigal man from the Botany Bay area of Sydney.  He was a warrior, and a hero to all people throughout the country, by naming the redevelopment after Pemulwuy we pay respect to him.  Pemulwuy fought against colonisation which was a threat to his people and culture.

His spirit lives on in this urban development.  His legacy ensures that the identity and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continues to be handed down to future generations.

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This engraving by Samuel John Neele of James Grant’s image of ‘Pimbloy’ is believed to be the only known depiction of Pemulwuy. It was published in Grant’s The narrative of a voyage of discovery, performed in His Majesty’s vessel the Lady Nelson, of sixty tons burthen, with sliding keels, in the years 1800, 1801 and 1802, to New South Wales, 1803. State Library of New South Wales Q80/18.